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One Hell of a Blast

I think I'm still shaking after last night, that has to be the most intense, dramatic and best domestic T20 match I have ever seen! My latest article was only written and published two days ago, but after witnessing that last night I've had to give the #RosesMatch a special mention.                  

Lancashire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire & Back

Three different cricket grounds in a week? No, The Cricket Tier was in fact at three different cricket grounds in just five days. First up was Old Trafford on Wednesday 27th May, but not a single cricket ball was bowled. Not that I was disappointed on this occasion, we were there for a different reason.            

A Matter of KP's Form or Trust?

Innings scores of 19, 53*, 32, 8* in two County Championship Division 2 matches don't stand out to me as good enough form for an England recall for Kevin Pietersen. Yes he was 326* when he had his meeting with Andrew Strauss that evening but surely the decision for a recall had already been made then?            

A long summer of pain, I hope not

The question is, how will I be feeling on Monday 24th August 2015? Yes I'm looking forward to all of this summer's cricket, I always am at this time of the year. Then my thoughts turn to the Ashes, and the worry of Australia possibly beating us on home soil for the first time since 2001 when Mark Waugh was still captain.      

The Voice That Changed Cricket

It is now two weeks on since the passing of the late, great, Richie Benaud, a man I suppose I always took for granted to be in the commentary box when growing up. Was he though (without me knowing it at the time) one of the more influential reasons why I have come to love this great game and in particular Test Match cricket?    

Test Match Cricket is Back

First though, I must say congratulations to Australia on winning a 5th World Cup, the best team won on the day and overall they were probably the best all round team of the tournament. New Zealand entertained us and with Brendon McCullum being such a huge influence and revelation for the way they now play they could of been worthy winners.

Hanging Around After the Pool Party?

We're just past the half way stage of World Cup 2015, in fact, after today's game between West Indies and India that's 29 games down, 20 to go until we know we know the actual winner.  At the pool stage things are taking shape pretty much as expected now with only England and Bangladesh currently in the wrong position, from earlier seedings.

Who Can Win the 2015 Cricket World Cup?

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is about to begin, well nearly, each team has two official warm up matches over the next week first.  Then finally the 11th tournament in it's history will be under way with co-hosts New Zealand facing the 1996 World Champions Sri Lanka in the opening showpiece fixture in Christchurch.    

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